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Dishes of Ukrainian cuisine are known all over the world. All foreigners are impressed greatly by Ukrainian cuisine, its diversity and uniqueness. Ukrainian cuisine has a long history and ... closely is linked to the customs, traditions, culture and a way of life of the Ukrainians. There are many dishes in Ukrainian cuisine which are characterised by high taste qualities.
The most popular Ukrainian dishes are borshch, green (zelenyi) borshch, yushka, varenyky, holubtsi, chicken Kyiv, mlyntsi, pampushky, pies (pyrohy), uzvar and many others.
But the most famous Ukrainian dish is borshch. It is a vegetable soup which is made of cabbage, potatoes, carrots, beets, tomatoes, onions, parsley, garlic, dill, beans, mushrooms. It can be cooked with meat, too. There are different varieties of this dish. Every housewife has her own recipe of borshch.
Green (zelenyi) borshch is made of sorrel, potatoes, carrots, onions, parsley and dill, served with chopped hard-boiled eggs and sour cream.
Yushka is a fish soup made of freshwater fish, usually carp, bream, dill, parsley. It can also be cooked with carrots and potatoes.
Varenyky are popular in Ukraine because they are very tasty. They are cooked with different fillings: potatoes and fried onions, mushrooms, cabbage, liver, meat, cottage cheese (curds), different berries and fruit, served with sour cream, butter or sugar. Not only Ukrainians but also foreigners like them very much, either.
Holubtsi are made of cabbage leaves (fresh or sour) filled with rice and meat or buckwheat with meat, served with sour cream.
Mlyntsi are pancakes filled with cottage cheese (curds), meat, cabbage, fruit and berries, jam, served with sour cream.
Traditional Ukrainian drink is uzvar. Uzvar is а sweet beverage made of dried fruit, mainly apples, pears, plums, prunes.
Chicken Kyiv is a breaded cutlet dish of boneless chicken breast pounded and rolled around cold butter with herbs and then fried or baked.
Wheat products and bread are also very important for the Ukrainians, among them there are traditional wedding bread and an Easter cake. Traditional wedding bread is called "korovai" and an Easter cake - "paska". Of course we have to mention Ukrainian "salo" and "kasha".
Kartoplianyky - fried potato cakes with added flour and eggs, kruchenyky - meat rolls with a vegetable filling, nalysnyky - thin pancakes wrapped around a filling of curds, meat, jam, berries, mushrooms are very popular among Ukrainian lovers of tasty food, too.
In a word, Ukrainian national cuisine is rich in different tasty dishes.

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