сторінка 57 вправа 2 гдз 10 клас англійська мова Буренко 2018

10 клас ➠ англійська мова ➠ Буренко

Відповідь до p. 57 ex. 2:

Artefact - an object that is made by a person, especially smth of historical or cultural interest.
Impressionist - someone who uses impressionism in the paintings or music that they produce.
Sculptor - someone who makes sculptures.
Painter of seascapes - someone who draws pictures of the sea.
Portraitist - someone who creates a painting, drawing, or photograph of a person.
Guide - someone whose job is to take tourists to a place and show them around.
Art historian - someone who studies the history of art.
Painter - someone who paints pictures.
Artist - someone whose job is to make plans or patterns for clothes, furniture, equipment, etc.
Art thief - a person who steals works of art.
Caricaturist - someone who draws funny drawings of people that make them look silly.
Cartoonist - someone who draws a short film that is made by photographing a series of drawings.
Decorator - someone who paints houses and puts paper on the walls as their job.
Photographer - someone who takes photographs, especially as a professional or as an artist.
Fashion designer - someone who is very skilled at creating and sewing costumes for actors.
Painter of battle pieces - someone who draws a fight between opposing armies, groups of ships, groups of people, etc., especially one that is part of a larger war.
Wardrobe master - a person whose job is to take care of the clothes that actors wear on the stage.