сторінка 15 вправа 10 гдз 10 клас англійська мова Буренко 2018

10 клас ➠ англійська мова ➠ Буренко

Відповідь до p. 15 ex. 10:

1. She asked me what my name was.
2. She asked me what university I had graduated from.
3. She wanted to know I liked to work with children.
4. She asked why I had decided to become a teacher of English.
5. She kept asking if I knew how to plan lessons.
6. She even asked me what I liked to do in my free time.
7. She asked me what I was interested in.
8. She wanted to know why I had decided to change my place of work.
9. She asked how much money I had earned at my last job.
10. It was interesting for her to know what I would like to change at school.

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