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Traditional English cuisine usually is described as conservative and unvaried. But national cuisine in Britain has changed greatly by other national cuisines in recent decades. We can find types of food from all the corners of the world because of the people who come to Britain from all over the world and bring with them their recipes, culinary secrets and food. Italian, French, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Indonesian and other national restaurants can be found in Britain.
As for traditional British cuisine the English usually have four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and sometimes supper.
In the morning they can have the full "English breakfast" or the "continental breakfast". The full "English breakfast" consists of cornflakes with milk and sugar, cheese or sausages, omelettes often with bacon, sausages or cheese, porridge (cereal), toast with marmalade, tea, coffee or orange juice.
This classic English breakfast is rather substantial and as you see it includes not only porridge though cereals are very important in the national menu and are often cooked for breakfast.
The "continental breakfast" consists of a cup of tea or coffee with toast. It is not a substantial breakfast.
Between 12 and 14 o'clock the English have lunch. Many people who work find it difficult to come home for lunch. So, they go to cafes, coffee bars, sandwich bars, restaurants, fast-food restaurants to have lunch. As a rule, lunch consists of sandwiches as it is a fast meal for many Englishmen. The English can choose all sorts of sandwiches, such as sandwiches with meat, chicken, ham, bacon, cheese, fish, prawns, eggs, vegetables and lettuce. By the way, sandwiches with different fillings are a traditional British snack. They also can have steak, roast beef, pudding, fish and chips, potatoes and salad or fruit.
Afternoon tea is taken at about 5 o'clock. It is a traditional light meal after work. People enjoy their tea with biscuits, cakes, freshly baked sweet buns, scones and other pastries. The British drink tea with and without sugar, with lemon, ginger, cinnamon, honey or milk. It is impossible to imagine the British cuisine without tea. The English have it 6 or 8 times a day, sometimes even more. It is their national drink.
Dinner is the most substantial meal of the whole day and is taken at 7 o'clock. For dinner the British often have soup though it is not very popular in Britain. As the main course they have poultry, fish or meat with vegetables or mashed potatoes, roast chicken, turkey or lamb. They also can have the most well-known roast beef with grilled vegetables, roast potatoes or Yorkshire pudding. For dessert they can have pudding with ice cream or jam, a fruit pie, or cheese with biscuits.
Supper in Britain is the last meal of the day and is taken at 11 o'clock in the evening. It consists of just a cup of tea or coffee, a bowl of cream soup, cheese or fruit. But very often it is skipped.
Of course, some dishes of the British cuisine are special. They are the famous shepherd's pie, Cornish pasty, Scotch eggs, fish and chips.
The famous shepherd's pie is a potato casserole with minced beef. The Cornish pasty is a layered pie with meat, onion, potatoes, carrots and spices. The Scotch eggs, called picnic eggs, are common are boiled eggs that are wrapped in minced sausages and breading and then fried or baked. The dish "fish and chips" consists of fried chops from fish and French fries.
On Christmas Day a roast turkey is traditionally cooked for dinner. It is served with vegetables like roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, peas, roast onions and other trimmings. And it is usually followed by Christmas pudding.
As Great Britain is an island surrounded by some of the richest fishing areas of the world, fish is very important for the Englishmen, too.
The English consider their cuisine the best in the world and are really proud of it.

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