сторінка 10 вправа 6 гдз 10 клас англійська мова Морська 2018

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Відповідь до p. 10 ex. 6:

The happiest of families still experience conflict at times. This is because:
- family members are emotionally joined to each other long-term relationships;
- families often resist interference or help from outside;
- there is a lack of common sense when dealing with conflict. Which of these problems sound familiar to you?
Husband and wife relationships:
- financial difficulties;
- domestic violence;
- separation due to job commitments;
- communication problems;
- neglect of family members. Children and parents relationships:
- social pressure from peers;
- addiction to substances;
- parental divorce;
- fights between siblings.
What can you do to resolve these conflicts? You don't need to struggle on your own. Social therapy services are now widely available to help you manage your anger and communicate with your family better.


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