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In the past, choosing a name for your baby was not a complicated matter. Parents would simply follow the custom of naming their child after a relative or a religious figure. Nowadays, however, particularly in Western societies, parents are ignoring tradition and choosing from a much wider range of names. According to a recent piece of research, in the USA in the 1950s, the top 25 most popular boys' names were given to half of all the baby boys born in a year. This compares with a figure of 134 names shared by half of the boys born in 2010. But what can explain for this changing trend? If you want to blame the influence of celebrities who choose unusual names for their children, you may sound unfair. According to a study of the names given to children by the most famous people in the world, celebrities are no more likely to choose bizarre names than anybody else it's just that we remember the crazier-seeming ones. A more credible theory to explain the ever-growing list of boys' and girls' names is that TV and the Internet simply reveal parents to a far greater variety of names to choose from than they encountered in the past. Perhaps the biggest reason, though, is that parents want their babies to have unique names, which in turn may suggest we are increasingly becoming a society of individuals.


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