сторінка 225 вправа 6 гдз 10 клас англійська мова Морська 2018

10 клас ➠ англійська мова ➠ Морська

Відповідь до p. 225 ex. 6:

1. Lilly and Ann are going to leave tomorrow morning.
2. According to the program, the concert is begins at 8 pm.
3. What will you in the evening?
4. Excuse me, at what time the plane lands? +
5. Where will you go next summer for vacations? +
6. TTie train is leaves at 5:15 am. It is arrives at the final station at 21:23.
7. Will you present Jill a gift this year?
8. This year, the vacations will start on the 1sl of January. +
9. The sky looks so dark. Probably, it is raining soon. +
10. I will visit my grandparents next summer.

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