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Відповідь до p. 30 ex. 2:

It's easy to know when someone is lying, right? All you have to do is look at a person's body language; when a person is lying, he becomes nervous and fidgety, touches his nose and bites his nails. This is what people commonly believe, anyway However, Dr Samantha Mann of Portsmouth University, England, has come to an entirely different conclusion. Researching the behaviour of suspects who had given incorrect statements in police interviews, Mann discovered that liars actually stay quite still. This is because they know that people are looking for body language that could suggest they are lying.
Therefore, liars in fact touch their noses 20% less than truthful people. The same shows for eye contact. You may think that people avoid eye contact and blink rapidly when they are telling lies. In reality, it seems, liars make sure they maintain eye contact with the interviewer and control their blinking.


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