сторінка 31 вправа 4 гдз 10 клас англійська мова Морська 2018

10 клас ➠ англійська мова ➠ Морська

Відповідь до p. 31 ex. 4:

Usually, when you study abroad through your school or university, you get asked the big question: homestay or dormitory? Loads of people in my Japanese language class thought much over the choice. But not me. There was no way I was going to go to Japan and not totally immerse myself in the culture.
I've been living with my host family for about three months now and I've already learnt so much about Japanese culture and everyday life. Manners are extremely important to the Japanese, and this is reflected in the way people express themselves. I take off my shoes whenever I enter a home and use special slippers whenever I enter the bathroom.
Before coming to Japan, I'd heard worrying stories about how it's common for host families to impose curfews on their international guests. (It's actually just a family's way of showing they care about your safety). Luckily, though, my family is totally relaxed on that front. They've given me my own key so I can come and go as I please. I really couldn't have asked for a better host family. They treat me like a son to make every day here so amazing.
I think pupils who live in the international dorms don't realize what they're missing out on by choosing not to experience Japanese life first-hand. After all, it's all the little things that make experience richer. For instance, I've become addicted to my "Japanese-style" bath every night. In Japan everyone in a family has a bath at night - and the whole family shares the same bathwater! That's because the point of a bath isn't to get clean. The Japanese shower
and wash before they get into a bath. The purpose of a bath is to relax and unwind after the day's activities.
And then there's the food I get to eat every day. My classmates regularly scoff down burgers. I, on the other hand, get to eat home-cooked, traditional Japanese food. But that's not the only way they have of spoiling you! My host mother always insists on giving me "American-size" servings - that is, servings bigger than anyone else's - despite my explaining that "Japanese-size" portions are quite OK! It's things like this hospitality and warmth and my privacy is respected totally.
Choosing to live with a host family wasn't hard. Quite the opposite, in fact, as it provided the support I needed while adjusting to a new environment.


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