сторінка 9 вправа 5 гдз 10 клас англійська мова Морська 2018

10 клас ➠ англійська мова ➠ Морська

Відповідь до p. 9 ex. 5:

1. I used to be married to Anna but I divorced her three years ago. - ex-wife
2. I fight with my older brother Mark all the time! - sibling
3. My grandfather's father, Harry, was 100 years old when he died. - great-grandfather
4. I promised to morally guide Sheila and Tom's baby at its baptism. - godfather
5. I had to live with my wife's parents for the first six months after we got married. - in-laws
6. When I get married, I want to have at least four children! - husband-to-be
7. I've just got engaged to George. We're getting married in the spring. - fiancé
8. My wife's little girl Lilly is from her previous marriage. - stepdaughter
9. My mum remarried when I was 15. A year later she gave birth to another son, David. - half-brother
10. I fill in a tax form for myself and a separate one for my wife, Rose. - spouse

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