сторінка 110 вправа 9 гдз 11 клас англійська мова Буренко 2019


Відповідь до p. 110 ex. 9:

1. If we plant more trees, we will reduce air pollution.
2. If I had only one wish, I would ask our government to do their best to protect our nature, our Earth.
3. If people all over the world realise the importance of our ecological problems, our life will be safe.
4. If people want to survive, they will take care of our environment.
5. There will be less car fumes if we use public transport.
6. If we develop international cooperation, we will solve ecological problems together.
7. If we drink poisonous water, eat poisonous food, we die.
8. If we feed birds in winter, we will help them survive in the cold weather.
9. If factories had not poured out their waste into our rivers, they wouldn’t pollute polluted rivers.
10. If the most horrible ecological disaster had not occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, a great damage wouldn’t be done to Ukraine's nature.
11. If trees had not been cut down in the Carpathians, mudslides wouldn’t destroy houses of the Ukrainians.