сторінка 117 вправа 6 гдз 11 клас англійська мова Буренко 2019


Відповідь до p. 117 ex. 6:

1. Tremendous changes happened since life first appeared on the Earth about four billion years ago.
2. We destroy our landscapes of great wonder and beauty, we destroy our natural resources to skin and exhaust the land.
3. Dirty air, polluted water and land cause many illnesses among people..
4. And nowadays we face disastrous effects on nature and wildlife that can lead to significant environmental degradation.
5. In order to protect somehow our nature a new way of travelling has appeared. It is ecotourism.
6. Ecotourism has a save-the-planet goal.
7. Ecotourism gives tourists the opportunity to broaden their minds, discover new ways of life, deepen their knowledge in history, biology and geography and lots more.
8. But we don’t have to forget about disadvantages of this way of
travelling: tourists require additional infrastructure such as sanitation facilities, lodging, etc.
9. Before visiting a natural area tourists have to learn as much as possible about its flora, fauna, local people, culture, traditions and history.
10. All the tourists have to remember the basic rules:
- learn about the place you are going to visit;
- minimise an ecological impact: walk or bike instead of driving, use non-polluting forms of transportation whenever you can; don’t waste resources;
- respect local people, their community, values, culture and traditions, ask permission to take photographs;
- provide financial benefits for local people: buy local products, stay in local hotels, eat in local restaurants and pay a fair price for everything you buy and use.
11. If you keep to all these rules you will protect the environment.