сторінка 117 вправа 7 гдз 11 клас англійська мова Буренко 2019


Відповідь до p. 117 ex. 7:

1. If we stop cutting down trees, it will help supply oxygen to the atmosphere and we won’t have breathing problems.
2. If factories had put filters on chimneys, the air would have been cleaner.
3. If factories and plants didn’t pour their waste into rivers and lakes, birds, fish and plants wouldn't die.
4. If we hadn't used so many chemicals to grow vegetables last year, the food would have been healthier to eat.
5. If we stop polluting the environment, the world will be a safer place to live in.
6. Many species of animals and birds wouldn’t have lost their habitat if we had controlled the level of pollution before.
7. Life wouldn’t be be so unbearable if we reduced global warming.
8. If we are unable to use the environment carefully and to protect it from man's destructive activities, we will have no world to live in.
9. If people don’t throw litter, the streets will be cleaner.
10. If you were a President, what would you do?