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The meeting of the Forum for Children and Families organised by the Council of Europe was held in Vienna, Austria.
It discussed the emotional abuse and neglect of children, which was a very urgent topic not only in our country, but, as it turned out, worldwide. The young participants of the Forum (there were six from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Finland, Ireland, Poland and Ukraine) were asked to do a research in order to find out what children themselves thought of the level of the emotional abuse and neglect they experienced at school, at home while communicating with their coevals and adults. They interviewed a minimum of 25 children/young people and the conclusions they came to were not at all optimistic.
Mr Anthony Dronfield was responsible for the work with young participants and all together they started working on the question of how to present the emotional abuse and neglect of children from their personal point of view. They did it in the form of a role play and a PowerPoint project. The participants really liked presentation, as the children tried really hard to show the vicious circle of the abuse and neglect, and also show the chain: how it all started at schools, then continued at home and, at last, ended up by children's hurting the weakest ones.
There were lots of impressive speeches made by people from different countries who tried to show their way of understanding of how to cope with the emotional abuse and neglect of children. But the most exciting were the debates on the topics discussed. Everyone had a chance to express his or her point of view and personal understanding of how people can eliminate and then eventually get rid of the emotional abuse and neglect. The most remarkable thing was that about 70 intelligent adults, members of the Council of Europe were listening to young people's opinions. Children felt that these people really did a lot in order to prevent and cope with the emotional abuse and neglect of children.

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