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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is one of the best partners of Ukraine. Official relations between the UK and Ukraine began in 1991. In 1992 diplomatic relations between two countries were established and the British Embassy was opened in Kyiv.
On the basis of a range of bilateral and other agreements fully-fledged relations between Ukraine and UK began to develop in various spheres: political, economic, military, cultural and others. Official reciprocal visits between members of the British Royal Family, Government, Parliament and Ukrainian Presidents and dignitaries were made.
In 1993 an agreement on cooperation within the spheres of education, science and culture was concluded between the governments of the UK and Ukraine.
In order to foster a bilateral cultural exchange great attention was paid to the cooperation of Ukraine with the leading British cultural institutions and community organisations of the Ukrainian diaspora in Great Britain.
The Ukrainian side endeavoured to present the best Ukrainian ensembles, painters and artists in the UK through an active participation in world-renowned international projects such as the Edinburgh Festival, the BBC Singer of the World and other international projects. The Ukrainians have acquainted the world with the best displays of Ukrainian musical arts.
The Odesa State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the exhibitions of art of many Ukrainian painters have acquainted the British with our culture, traditions and historical heritage. Our talented Ukrainian composers, musicians and dancers who work in England greatly contribute to the popularisation of Ukrainian culture, too.
The twin-town scheme has favoured the development of bilateral relations between Great Britain and Ukraine. These cities and towns аre partners: Kyiv - Edinburgh, Vinnytsia - Peterborough, Odesa - Liverpool, Uman - Milford Haven, Donetsk - Sheffield, Zaporizhzhia - Birmingham, Lviv - Rochdale, Luhansk - Cardiff, Stryi - Mansfield, Nova Kakhovka - Gateshead and others. There are partnership contacts between Wales and Zakarpattia region of Ukraine.
Nowadays Ukraine continues to develop the best traditions of the mutual self-awareness of the fields of art and culture trying to present the best manifestations of the Ukrainian national culture in Great Britain.