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Embedding international learning into the classroom is a key to deepening students' understanding and respect for the world around them.
The function of education is not the only goal of a modern school. A modern school should bring up a citizen, a personality who is able to adapt to the reality of the modern world, to accept its diversity and its multinational culture. It should reinforce the humanistic, ethical, cultural and international dimensions of education whilst ensuring share and exchange of best practices nationally and internationally.
It are widely known that the ASPnet schools of Ukraine aim at strengthening the role of education in promoting a culture of peace and tolerance, improving the quality of education to effectively prepare children and young people to strive for a better world.
These types of schools are the vanguard of education, the experimental fields for different researches.
Therefore UNESCO ASPnet schools of Ukraine work in support of the four pillars of learning in the 21st century: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together. They work according to four themes:
• world problems and the role of the UNO in solving them;
• human rights, democracy and tolerance;
• other countries and cultures;
• environmental issues.
The activities of UNESCO ASPnet schools of Ukraine include:
• participation in the international educational projects;
• development of youth and children diplomacy;
• celebration of memorable dates of the UNO;
• holding conferences, study groups, festivals;
• creation of experimental area for approbation of thematic educational programmes.
At the national level, the first thing which is really very important, is that the ASPnet schools of Ukraine started getting together at national conferences for children-participants of the ASPnet schools. These all-Ukrainian conferences are very important for students, because they show their ability for joint scientific work exploring new fields of knowledge, learn how to get together in the framework of this or that project. The main educational priorities of the ASPnet schools of Ukraine are:
• individual orientation through teaching and educational process;
• renewal of contents and forms of the education structure, embedding new informational technologies;
• forming common values for all mankind and nations;
• creating equal opportunities and facilities for all nationalities in education.
The knowledge which pupils get participating in UNESCO activities, will undoubtedly be of great use in their future life. It is, first of all, the principles of tolerance, the culture of peace and non-violence, the ability of team work, public speaking and communication, the leadership features. All these qualities will help them succeed in future life.

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