сторінка 170 вправа 5 гдз 11 клас англійська мова Буренко 2019


Відповідь до p. 170 ex. 5:

1. bored - r) feeling tired and impatient because you have nothing to do or you have lost interest in smth or smb
2. confused - q) unable to understand or think clearly
3. delighted - p) very pleased and happy
4. disappointed - c) unhappy because smb/smth was not as good as you expected
5. irritated - o) annoyed or impatient about smth
6. excited - n) happy, interested or hopeful because smth good has happened or will happen
7. nervous - m) worried or frightened about smth and unable to relax
8. scared - l) frightened of smth or nervous about smth
9. pleased - k) happy or satisfied
10. strong-willed - j) determined to do what you want to do
11. broad-minded - i) tolerant; willing to listen to other people
12. narrow-minded - h) not willing to listen to new ideas or opinions
13. stable - g) steady; balanced; reasonable
14. prestigious - f) respected and admired as very important
15. conscientious - e) taking care to do things correctly and carefully
16. guilty - d) very ashamed and sad because you have done smth wrong
17. embarrassed - b) nervous, uncomfortable and worrying about what people think of you
18. shocked - a) surprised and upset by smth very unexpected and unpleasant

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