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After graduating from higher educational establishments young people face the problem of finding a good job or position. A large number of Ukrainians and the companies working in Ukraine are looking for jobs at specialised websites in the Ukrainian markets: work.ua; rabota.ua; hh.ua. These websites are the leaders by the criteria of the number of visitors. The website work.ua has the largest engagement - 11,8 %; rabota.ua - 10,2 % and hh.ua - 2,5 %.
The regional centres with the largest number of vacancies and job seekers are in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa and Lviv and they provide the largest share of state budget revenue. 74 % of all vacancies are concentrated in these cities.
The job market of some big cities in Eastern Ukraine displays negative economic trends: the number of job seekers is much bigger than the number of vacancies. Though today it is much easier to find a job than a few years ago.
There are a lot of different professions but high-prestige positions are those which have not only a good salary, but also a high public status, influence and are respected in the community. The prestige of a profession, on the one hand, depends on the degree of responsibility and complexity, but on the other hand, it depends on the great demand for specialists in the labour market. And the demand depends on the macroeconomic situation in the region and the sociopolitical situation. But still more often the prestige of a profession is determined by its payment.
According to a survey conducted by the experts of the HeadHunters portal now in Ukraine the most prestigious is the profession of an IT specialist because it is extremely in demand in the domestic labour market. Thus, only one candidate claims one opened vacancy. One of the types of software developer, a web developer, a specialist in the sphere of information security, a programmer are well paid but employers' requirements for them are quite high. These professions give you the chance to work everywhere in the world, either as a freelance worker or an employee of a company. Nowadays especially information security is very important. Every large company needs not only someone to analyse their data, but also they need someone who can keep their data and system safe, regardless of their location. A good IT specialist is respected everywhere.
The second place in the rating of the most prestigious professions is top management. The senior officers and managers have overtaken the positions of lawyers, prosecutors and defence lawyers. Professionals working in the field of jurisprudence are proud of their professions very much. The top 10 of the most prestigious professions also include bankers, businessmen, pilots, doctors and astronauts as well as economists and financial officials.
The top 5 non-prestigious professions include retail workers, professions in the field of agriculture, consulting services for the public and representatives of the banking sector.