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First scientists recommend parents to communicate with their children as much as possible because communication connects them with their children emotionally. Healthy communication is crucial in helping their child develop a healthy personality and good relationships with their parents and other people.
Then they have to strengthen their commitment: to be together in good times and bad. They have to give their time and energy to the family developing family interests and then they will feel a sense of trust, belonging and unity. They have to solve problems together and look towards the future together because it makes easier supporting each other through challenges and joys to get ahead.
We can also strengthen our family by discussing our problems, goals and values, appreciating the positive qualities of family members, encouraging, supporting each other, celebrating the small achievements of each family member and spending our free time with children as often as you can. But we don't have to forget that all teenagers are different and they like to spend their free time doing different things. They like doing the shopping, going to parties, texting, watching films, going for a walk with friends, having picnics, going for bike rides, going to concerts, museums, theatres, visiting festivals, doing sports, cooking a meal and lots more.
So parents can make a list of activities to do together and activities that only some of us will do.
Nevertheless art is one of the most wonderful spheres of our life where we can spend our free time with our children.
The variety of art is unlimited. Art includes various forms: the fine arts - painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving; applied arts - furniture, graphic design, industrial design, installation art and others; folk art - music, embroidery, dance, painting on wood, weaving, clothes, etc.; new forms of art - films, video art, photography, performance art, fashion, computer art, conceptual art, etc. A wide range of different genres may exist within each form.
The most popular forms of art are painting and music in our opinion. We like visiting museums and art galleries. A painter using colours, light shade and a shape makes us enjoy the beauty of the world. There are a lot of styles and genres of painting - pop art, realism, impressionism, modernism, cubism, surrealism, landscape painting, portraits, folk painting, and other genres and styles.
As for music it helps us relax, relieve stress and forget about the troubles and problems of everyday life. Music as well as painting affects our emotions. There are different styles of music - rock, pop, rock-n-roll, classical music, jazz, rap, dance, folk music, hip-hop, indie. Music is a universal form of communication. It is difficult to imagine our life without music because it gives us things like feel, dynamic, melody, rhythm and atmosphere.
Music is able to animate even a faded flower. If you are training and turn on music, it will increase your productivity by 20 %. If you listen to music, it will improve your memory and mind, especially Vivaldi's Four Seasons, make you more responsible and persistent and reduce pain and anxiety. Of course such music mustn't be aggressive, harsh, depressive and violent.