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Art of the 21st century emerges from a vast variety of materials and means including the latest electronic technologies: digital imaging and the Internet, and the genres with a long history: painting, handicrafts envisioned to express new concepts. Many modern artists mix media and forms in order to make the choices that best serve their concepts and purposes.
The notion of influences shifted with changes in communications and technology. Visual culture has grown as a recognised interdisciplinary field of study, taking a multifaceted approach to understanding how images of all types communicate and participate in the construction of identity, power relationships and other social and political meanings and values.
Visual culture scholars analyse films, television, graphic art, fashion design, established fine art media such as painting, murals, graffiti, collaborations between artists, engineers and architects including the impact of globalisation. Most contemporary artists do not take into consideration the distinctions between high art and popular culture.
Public art encompasses new purposes, forms and locations, including popart shops, street parades and online projects. Public artists have to use established approaches such as installation and performance but introduce new variations in the 21sl century.
The 21st century is just the beginning. The new ideas are evolving rapidly and new artists are constantly gaining attention and influence.