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Ukrainian architecture dates back to the times of Trypillian culture. We don't know for sure when the wooden temples on the territory of Ukraine have appeared but the technology of house buildings begins from those times.
These temples are very harmonic and beautiful.
All the people are stunned with their uniqueness and beauty. Their interiors are decorated with icons, towels, carpets on the floor and benches. The light on gilded iconostasis, singing, incense create a solemn environment, a place to communicate with God and with each other.
The origin of Ukrainian baroque is in folk traditions of wooden architecture which is harmonically connected with a picturesque natural landscape, too. Gilding, carving, painted plafonds are widely used in the interior of this style. The main task of this style is to catch the imagination of a person and influence his or her feelings and emotions.
The first examples of painting in Ukraine were icons. Ukrainian painters revealed the spiritual world of a man, his life and entertainment, his everyday activities in these religious paintings. We can see this world in frescoes and mosaics in St Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv. The icons were the main paintings in Ukraine up to the 17th century. In the middle of the 17th century a print shop was opened in Kyiv-Pe-chersk Lavra and a lot of folk pictures and portrait paintings were created in the 17th - 18th centuries.
The major peculiarities of Ukrainian icon painting of the 17th century are not only depictions of saints but also of Cossacks seniors, hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. Widespread Ukrainian folk ornament was used in the decoration of icon painting.
One of the popular kinds of folk art is Ukrainian folk embroidery. It is very popular nowadays. These are tablecloths, towels, pictures, serviettes, women's dresses and blouses, men's shirts and other types of clothes.
On special occasions or even in everyday life we wear traditional clothes but some parts of our clothes are decorated with embroidery: the collar, the front and sleeves of shirts and blouses (vyshyvanky), skirts and dresses, beads and wreaths. We can wear vyshyvanky separately with European suits as festive, patriotic and popular clothing. A lot of people enjoy embroidering as the process develops creativity, aesthetical taste and teaches patience.
Ukrainian folk decorative painting on wood was very popular among peasants, too. They painted houses, furniture, especially trunks, wooden crockery. Trunks with things were put in the place to see them as they showed the family's well-being and were handed from generation to generation as a great value. And even nowadays wooden painted plates are often used to decorate halls of flats and houses.
Weaving has always played a great role in the life of the Ukrainians. Textiles and carpets were made and ornamented using various techniques of weaving. Not only textiles, carpets, lace but baskets were woven in Ukraine as well. By the way, baskets are woven from strips of willow. And even now the Ukrainians weave beautiful baskets of different sizes and forms. Contemporary folk masters make a great contribution to the art of artistic weaving.