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The life of the young people in Ukraine has changed greatly. Our young people are getting economically active, more pragmatic and spiritually restrained. As all the Ukrainians of different age groups they face many important problems, too. Among them there are: worsening conditions of young families; unemployment; increasing youth crime rate; growing housing problems; crisis of cultural and moral values and others. These youth problems are caused not only by today's economic hardships but also by the crisis of consciousness, cultural and moral values. It is difficult for young people to solve all these problems. They have to rely only on their own resources as they don't have much help from the state. So, they have to work hard to be successful in life.
Though nowadays young people have the possibility to join the organisations which are the closest to their ambitions and interests. These organisations are "Plast", "Spadshchyna", "Hromada", "Students' Fraternity", the "Union of Ukrainian Youth" and others.
The most numerous organisation in Ukraine is "Plast" which was founded in Lviv in 1911. It is a scouting organisation. The members of "Plast" have to take an oath to be true to God and Ukraine. The programme of training for the members of "Plast" is rather interesting. It is created to develop intelligence and practical skills, to promote health and a sense of service using camping as one of the most effective educational methods in scouting. "Students' Fraternity" took an active part in the events of 1990 and became very popular after those events. This students' organisation promotes the social, educational and other interests of students. These and the rest of youth organisations have the only aim to develop skills and gifts of the young generation of the Ukrainians.