сторінка 91 вправа 5 гдз 11 клас англійська мова Буренко 2019


Відповідь до p. 91 ex. 5:

1) All important changes that took place in the life of people in the 20th century and the beginning of the 21sl century - e) were in one way or another connected with the scientific and technological revolution.
2) New discoveries that have been made in the natural sciences at the end of the past and at the beginning of this century - f) have influenced the understanding of the world and made possible the practical use of laws of nature and human activity.
3) But continuous improvement of technology is accompanied not only by the growth of labour productivity and - g) product quality, but also by job losses and the spread of unemployment.
4) The rapid increase and updating of scientific information - h) affected the development of education negatively and gave rise to certain crisis in it.
5) The desire to update the content of learning, bringing it in line with the new achievements of science, - d) led to the emergence of a large number of new disciplines and subjects and excessive curricula and textbooks.
6) The development of technical means of communication and mass media influenced - c) the spiritual life of people, increased opportunities and facilitated the ways to join the world culture.
7) But the rapid development of technical means of communication and mass media had not only positive effects but negative effects as well because of the imposition of certain stereotypes of people's consciousness which - b) are beneficial only for those under whose control these means of communication and mass media are.
8) Nevertheless if we want to be richer and stronger, if we want to increase the duration of human life - a) we must continue to develop science and technology for future generations.