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They say that youth is the best time of teenagers' life because it means love, friendship, romance, new discoveries and lots more. At the same time it is also the most difficult period for making important decisions which will influence all their life. As teenagers have to find their own place in society their parents must do their best to help them solve all the problems. And one of the most necessary conditions is relationship between parents and teenagers in order to reach the best results.
Teenagers face a lot of temptations including increased use of communication devices and social media and lots more.
Sometimes risky teenage behaviour can lead to self-harm or physical and psychological damages. First of all they can indulge in different bad things long before they reach the legal age. More than 92 % of teens use their smartphones and social media every day. Such use of communication devices and social media can turn into an addiction and affect teenagers' lifestyle. Sometimes when teenagers are in depression they can set mood swings off and start endless tirades of how unfair their parents are or they can get angry with their parents even because of incomprehensible reasons.
Very often teenagers are rebellious and refuse to obey rules, they begin to make a drastic change in their appearance, style of dressing, share more with their friends than they do with their parents, spend more time with their friends instead of going home. They often can be confused and indecisive because of the physical and emotional changes they go through.
Teenagers always have different problems at school, at home, even with their friends. But the main thing for them is to know that their parents love them, that they are ready to communicate with them, to give a piece of advice, to help them, to share their knowledge and experience with them.
So parents have to remember to prevent teenagers' indulging
that one of the most effective ways in bad things and to help them in solving their problems is to talk about these problems calmly explaining why teenagers shouldn't do this or that. Parents have to avoid an accusing tone when they talk to them and try to be friendly with their children.
As for using of communication devices and social media, parents have to encourage teenagers to talk about what they do online staying friendly and open to teenagers' interests. Though teenagers must know that they can have restrictions on time spent on texting and calling their friends when they are at home.
When teens start using make-up, change their hairstyles and try to get tattoos parents have to persuade them that this "look" won't seem so cool and give them better options they may like.
It goes without saying that teenagers must inform their parents about all the important events in their lives only because parents care about them to make sure they are happy. Of course, superfluous control cannot be the best way of influence on children.
As parents occupy the most important place in their children's lives they are an example to follow styles of communication and attitude to others.
In conclusion, the ability to solve or avoid family problems depends on parents and their children. If the relationships between parents and children are based on love, mutual respect and kindness, the family will be happy.

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