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In today's rapid society, people cannot afford spending much time on eating, let alone cooking.
Young people pick up the idea that speed means excitement, whereas anything traditional is slow and boring. As a result, they turn down traditional food and go for eating out instead. While eating out we can choose from a wide range of eating places. The busiest tend to be fast-food restaurants: bistros, cafes, coffee bars, coffee shops, coffee houses, cafeterias, steakhouses which are popular with young people and families. Many people eat out in Italian restaurants; takeaway from Chinese, Mexican, Japanese and Indian restaurants are also popular. We often order and have a meal delivered to our home by a restaurant.
But the most popular ones are considered to be fast-food restaurants. Fast-food restaurants and cafes offer cheap dishes, good service and save a lot of time. Moreover, people like such a kind of food. They find it tasty and filling. In addition, fast-food restaurants attract clients making special offers which make people buy more and spend less. Nevertheless, people love eating out also during their leisure time. They get together with family or friends, go on dates and choose a place to their liking where they can eat their favourite food or try something exotic and spend time with their loved ones.
On the one hand, eating out may be useful and pleasant. We have an opportunity to eat differently and feel closer to faraway countries and cultures trying their typical food. On the other hand, it is not always healthy to eat in restaurants, especially in those with fast food. Eating on the run can affect negatively our health and general state.
However, fast-food restaurants are not the only source of unhealthy food. The modern-day families have both parents working and this means parents don't often have time to prepare healthy nutritious meals for their family. Supermarkets are filled with prepackaged, instant foods, tinned soups, frozen ready-made dishes, fizzy drinks, and crunchy crisps. All of them can affect our health in a different way - get calcium out of bones and teeth, cause behaviour problems, clog up arteries, because they are full of fat, sugar, chemical additives, colourings, phosphates.
Eating at a restaurant is more expensive than home food, because the restaurant adds taxes and money for the service.
There is a rising number of fast casual restaurants that cater to people looking for a quick bite, that's healthier than fast food but more affordable than sit-down.
You're likely familiar with the most popular fast-food restaurants, like McDonald's and Burger King. The characteristics shared by most fast-food places are the following: focus is primarily on quick service, counter service or drive-through; usually a chain which serves standardised meals made of processed food; food is served in disposable items, like plastic containers, paper food trays, and to-go bowls.
Whether you need a quick cup of coffee on your way to work or are catching up with an old friend, cafes provide a versatile space for different purposes. Most cafes have the following attributes: usually serve coffee, tea, pastries, and small items for breakfast and lunch; casual, relaxed atmosphere; many people might work or socialise for periods of time at a cafe.
Pop-up restaurants, bars, and stands are a new trend that allows owners, chefs, and guests to try new food and restaurant concepts and creations. Pop-up restaurants can be anything from a beer garden only open for the summer to a sit-down restaurant in an unconventional location that's briefly open for a month or two. There are some of the qualities of a pop-up food concept: operates temporarily from a few hours to a few months; the location varies from shipping containers and old unused buildings to outdoor spaces and rooftop gardens; creative, contemporary concept.