сторінка 106 вправа 2 гдз 11 клас англійська мова Морська 11 рік 2019


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With its spectacular mountain scenery, Austria is a popular tourist destination both in summer and in winter. One of the greatest sights of the Eastern Alps is the World of the Ice Giants, which is regarded as especially worth visiting. It is the largest system of ice caves in the world. The huge number of caves found there were carved out of rock over thousands of years by an underground river. When the caves were first explored in 1879, huge ice formations, amazing frozen waterfalls and huge icicles were found. So far, over 40 kilometres of tunnels were been explored. The World of the Ice Giants is visited over about 200,000 people a year and has been open to the public in 1920. Back there anyone who was interested in seeing the impressive ice formations had to make a tiring 90-minute journey up the mountain on foot. Today, however, the entrance of the ice cave can easily be reached by cable car. People are allowed to visit the cave between May and October. But even then, the temperatures inside the caves are so low that visitors are advised to dress warmly.