сторінка 200 вправа 1 гдз 11 клас англійська мова Морська 11 рік 2019


Відповідь до p. 200 ex. 1:

1. The new supermarket is so much cheaper than the one in John Street. Furthermore they do free home deliveries too.
a. However
b. On the whole
c. Furthermore
2. Australia has some beautiful parts of the country. However they also have a lot of dangerous animals.
a. Though
b. However
c. Despite
3. Despite the high risk involved, many scientists chase tornadoes so they can study them more closely.
a. But
b. Though
с. Despite
4. Even though television can be educational, I think it's better to read a book.
a. On the other hand
b. Even though
c. However
5. So you can see there are both advantages and disadvantages of the new system for organising the timetable. Lastly, I would say it would be better to stick with the current system.
a. On the whole
b. And
c. Lastly
6. Because the rain and the high winds, they never went camping.
a. Because
b. Due to
с. Despite
7. This new computer has a better monitor. Its memory is twice as large as the current one and we can use the internet with it. Finally its software will make our job so much easier.
a. Finally
b. However
c. In short
8. Saline speaks in class when we are trying to work. She shouts out to other students when it is not necessary and when she does ask me a question,
it is doubtlessly a stupid one just to get some attention. Furthermore she is a very disruptive presence in the class. I'm sorry Mr. Philicott.
a. Furthermore
b. And
c. In short