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Where in the world will you be greeted by the sculpture of an angel? The sculpture, at Gateshead in Northern England, stands on a hilltop and is 20 metres tall. Its wings extend for 26 metres on either side of its body and are intended to look like two open arms, welcoming people to the area. Known throughout Britain as The Angel of the North, the statue was created by well-known British artist Anthony Gormley, who succeeded in coming across the welcome message he wanted to convey.
Creating the sculpture was no easy task. Gormley had never built such a large statue before, so he had to get engineers to help him with its construction. They had to take into consideration both height and width of the structure in oder to ensure it would not fall over when there was a strong wind. Built at a cost of nearly 800,000 pounds, some people were critical of the project because of the expense. However, the sculpture has become one of the most famous views in the country, appealing thousands of tourists every year. In addition, local people say that the Angel has had a significant influence on the cultural life of Gateshead, engaging other artists and architects to contribute to the city.