сторінка 240 вправа 1 гдз 11 клас англійська мова Морська 11 рік 2019


Відповідь до p. 240 ex. 1:

1. In the first paragraph, the writer emphasises:
a. the enthusiasm that the festival instils
b. the sensational nature of the festival
с. the festival's increasing media attention
d. the festival's unlikely location
2. According to the writer, the refugees have been in the desert for so long because:
a. international agencies do not know they are there
b. the Moroccan government disagree with the UN
c. a proposed vote is yet to take place
d. there is a war in their home country
3. What does the writer say about the original city of Dakhla?
a. It is by the sea.
b. It has good health and educational facilities.
c. It does not have proper roads.
d. It gets food and water from aid agencies.
4. What is said about the films shown at the festival?
a. They mostly show the personal experiences of the Sahwari people.
b. All of the films are serious in content.
с. The variety of films suited a wide range of tastes.
d. The international films were more popular than the local films.
5. What was the British visitors' response to the workshops?
a. They were surprised by the refugee's film knowledge.
b. The workshops enabled them to communicate with local people.
с. The workshops taught the visitors a lot about local culture.
d. They showed the local films to their families via the internet.
6. What point does the writer highlight in the final paragraph?
a. There is a contrast between the visitors' freedom and the refugees' confinement.
b. The film festival only gives the refugees unattainable dreams.
с. The visitors only care about the refugees for the duration of the festival.
d. The festival is a poor copy of the more famous film festivals.