сторінка 40 вправа 2 гдз 11 клас англійська мова Морська 11 рік 2019


Відповідь до p. 40 ex. 2:

1. Mr and Mrs White are very authoritarian parents.
H. They are very strict with their children.
2. Mr Bowles is considered to be too lenient.
С. He very rarely punishes his children.
3. Mr and Mrs Harris lead separate lives.
G. Although they are married and live together, they rarely speak to each other.
4. Billy is a well-adjusted kid.
K. He's happy at home and is doing well at school.
5. The Mannings are not very responsible parents.
A. They don't look after their children very well.
6. My parents are separated.
D. I live with my mother and visit my father at weekends.
7. Parents must look after their children, but they shouldn't be over-protective.
J. Children need the freedom to get out and experience the world around them.
8. Professor Maynard has made a study of the cognitive processes of young children.
В. He is fascinated by the way they learn new things.
9. I'm afraid my youngest child is running wild.
Е. He never listens to a word 1 say, and is always playing truant from school.
10. She looks quite different from all her siblings.
F. Brothers and sisters usually bear some resemblance to one another.
11. There are several different and distinct stages of development in a child's life.
I. Of all of these, the teenage years are the most difficult.
12. Tony was raised by a foster family when his own parents died.
L. Many families take in children who are not their own.